Located in the heart of Metro Detroit, Desert in Alaska Corp has excelled in providing reliable heating and cooling services since 1997. With many years of experience, our professional contractors are fully qualified to give you the affordable luxuries you need to weather those scorching summers and chilling winters. Whether you require service, repair or installation, our comprehensive services are guaranteed to complete each and every job to your utmost satisfaction.

With many years of experience, Desert in Alaska Heating & Cooling offers a level of skill and dedication to quality that's difficult to match. Our goal is to provide unparalleled customer service at unbeatable rates.

At Desert in Alaska Heating & Cooling we believe in ensuring our customers health, safety and comfort. That's why we make sure that our services and products meet and surpass industry standards. Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation with one of our heating and cooling specialists. We look forward to adding comfort to your home!

At Desert in Alaska Corp, our mission is to faithfully and exceptionally fulfill the following goals:

Unwavering dedication to consumerism
Providing high quality products & services
Implementing fair pricing standards
Demonstrating our sincerity, integrity, & excellent workmanship in every project

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We offer comprehensive heating and air conditioning services along with years of experience, integrity and dedication to quality that has proved invaluable to our customers time and time again.


A properly installed and functioning heating and cooling system can make a world of difference to the quality and comfort of your home

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We take special pride in the craftsmanship that our employees dedicate towards each and every project